An Invert Look

Hi and welcome to my site!  Below you can find images of the 3D work I have produced both professionally and personally.

Professional Work

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Worked on environment art for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on Wii.  It included creating 3D art assets along with managing the outsourced art department and performance-checking the environments.




Codachain was the winner of the Dare to be Digital award and was subcontracted to my company, 3rd Dimension Creations, for full development.


World Sports Party

World Sports Party is a Wii title that my company helped create 3D assets for on behalf of Mere Mortals from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Personal Work


A small underground library scene decorated with hand painted textures.


Oblivion Mod Work

These images are from a artwork I produced for an environment that was later implemented in to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion engine as an exercise in the use of environment assets in a game engine.




Unreal 3 Level

A small Unreal 3 multiplayer map using Unreal 3’s in-game assets. Created as an exercise in level design and submitted as part of the Old School Unreal contest for 3d Buzz.