Quake Live


The announcer’s voice rings out like he’s perpetually introducing a Michael Bay film.  It would have probably given me a whiff of nostalgia too if it hadn’t been used and reused so much over the years in various guises (people who make those annoying mods for Counter Strike being a prime example).  Back in the days of Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament though it was – and still is in fact – a great way to be recognised for your actions.  There are still few joys in this world that compare to spinning on the spot and – within a split second – bringing your Railgun to bear on an opponent in mid-air, letting off the shot and with a thrill, hearing the crack as he pops out of existence.  The event is then further amplified by the disembodied voice exclaiming “Impressive”.

So Quake Live, the reincarnation of Quake III: Arena is now on Steam, and it’s glorious.  I’d always had issues with Quake Live in its browser based incarnation as it never used to work for me half the time.  This version is on Steam though now, so it’s obviously going to work this time.  Which it did, very well in fact.  Be aware that with games like these, i.e. those that were extremely popular at the time but have since given way to the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, the player base is essentially made up of hardcore Quake III players who never stopped loving it.  Consider then that Quake III was one of the fastest, most viciously competitive games at its height and you can pretty much guess the skill level of most players you’ll be up against: ludicrously good.  If you want a challenge and to feel ‘Impressive’ though, check it out.

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